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Two industry friends stuck between a rock and a hard place deep in the middle of the pandemic decided to pour all their savings into a take out concept: Tres Compadres, serving elevated Mexican cuisine. Ali and Abraham shared a mutual love for their industry which sparked this idea as a proud initiative to serve meals to fellow colleagues that had lost income due to the pandemic hardship on hospitality workers. Fortunately, Tres Compadres quickly became a successful endeavour, giving them the opportunity to open Watson's - a dream bar of Ali’s that he had envisioned from his 10+ years as a bartender in the city. Watson’s is where guests come to have fun, yet feel relaxed as if they are spending time in their own living room with friends, all the while being served artfully crafted cocktails. The artisanal crafted menu combined with the warm and familiar atmosphere is the magic of Watson’s. Where it is believed that a bar and a bar tender are not only judged by their impeccable execution and recipes, but the relations made with their guests and the experiences they can create.


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