You've probably heard of the expression BYOB, right (bring your own beer)? Well BYOF is a similar acronym, except it stands for bring your own food.

We encourage all of our customers to bring in your favourite foods from any of the surrounding businesses, and enjoy your meal with one of our reasonably priced drinks on the menu.

What about if you get hungry after you arrive at the bar? Not a problem. Say you and a friend come by for a drink after work; you want pizza and your friend wants a falafel. Forget the debate; you can order both for delivery right to the bar. UberEATS and Foodora will also deliver any orders you place through your phone; the address to provide is 388 Richmond Street West.

If you need some ideas, there are a number of eateries in the neighbourhood. Make sure you check the hours of each location.

We have a slogan that we live by: we'll provide the drinks, you bring the food. Choose whatever food you like and come on by for a cold one.

Nearby Eateries

  • A&W
    In need of a quick burger? Swing by the A&W at Queen and Spadina, and bring your buddy burger by Watson's.
  • Banh Mi Boys
    Delicious Asian-inspired sandwiches are all the rave at Banh Mi Boys. Grab a hot wrap and bring it on by Watson's.
  • Basil Box
    Craving the authentic flavour of Southeast Asia? Bring some food from Basil Box by Watson's and enjoy the taste.
  • Bulk Barn
    Sometimes it's not a full meal that matters - snacks could be all you need! Drop by the Bulk Barn on King Street and bring your bulk to Watson's.
  • Buna's Kitchen
    Modern European cuisine served quick and fresh right next to your favourite bar. Feel free to bring Buna's Kitchen favourites to Watson's.
  • Burro Burrito
    Sharing the same complex as Watson's, Burro Burrito has great tacos, quesadillas, and salads that are always welcome in the bar.
  • CJ's Lunch Box
    CJ's is a popular lunch time hangout, and provides delicious sushi at very affordable prices. If you've got an afternoon craving, stop by CJ's and bring your dish to Watson's.
  • Fresh
    A favoured vegetarian destination, Fresh serves wraps, tacos and salads along with delicious smoothies and other juices.
  • Fresh and Wild
    A gourmet market with hot sandwiches ready to go. Drop by the corner of King and Spadina and bring your Fresh and Wild to Watson's.
  • Freshii
    Providing healthy choices like salads, wraps, soups and burritos at reasonable prices, Freshii is on the opposite side of Spadina to Watson's.
  • Fusaro's
    Serving zesty paninis, pizzas, and pastas sauteed in thick Italian sauces, Fusaro's is a little taste of Italy in downtown Toronto.
  • Jules Bistro
    A preferred French bistro near the corner of Queen and Spadina, the food from Jules Bistro is always welcome inside Watson's.
  • Kupfert and Kim
    If you're coming to Watson's from the Financial District, Kupfert and Kim is a great vegan and gluten-free restaurant to visit on your way to the bar.
  • Mamma's Pizza
    One of Toronto's favourite pizzas, Mamma's Pizza has a location just across the road from Watson's. Grab a quick slice and bring it into the bar.
  • McDonald's
    A happy meal will feel even better when you bring it on by Watson's and have fun with the regulars.
  • Pai
    Feel like quality thai food in the comfort of a bar? Grab an order to go at Pai and dine in at Watson's.
  • Paramount
    A popular destination for shawarma in Toronto's technological hub, Paramount serves tasty wraps and full meals to satisfy your hunger.
  • Pizzaiolo
    The godfather size of pizza slices, a Pizzaiolo is right around the corner from Watson's. Grab a slice and pull up a seat at the bar.
  • Sandwich Box
    Providing homemade soups, salads and sandwiches, the menu from our neighbours at Sandwich Box is a great compliment of our own drink menu.
  • Smoke's Poutinerie
    Smoke's has locations both east and west of Watson's. Grab some of the city's best poutine before visiting the bar.
  • Subway
    When in doubt, go old school. Grab a classic sandwich from Subway at the corner of Richmond and Spadina, then walk a few steps east to Watson's.
  • The Chickery
    Grab some delicious chicken fingers, roasted chicken, or even pulled chicken at The Chickery near Richmond and Spadina.
  • What a Bagel
    Turn a bagel into a sandwich with one of Toronto's most popular bagel shops. What a Bagel makes fast, easy sandwiches for takeout.