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  • Battleship
    Face off with a friend in naval combat for control of the open seas in the exciting game of Battleship! Come grab a drink, choose your vessel, and prepare to take aim.
  • Cards Against Humanity
    The slogan of this game says it all. Complete the statements on each black card with your most risqué list of options from your white cards. Become politically incorrect over a pint!
  • Checkers
    Can you best your friend with the right moves in Checkers? Hint: make sure you and your partner grab drinks from the bar for the most creative moves.
  • Chess
    Put your friend into checkmate and become the reigning Chess champion at Watson's. Will you become King or Queen? Drop by and break out the gameboard.
  • Clue
    Time to break out your inner detective! Sip on a prime glass of liquor as you analyze the puzzle pieces within the game of Clue. First person to solve the mystery wins!
  • Connect 4
    The key to winning this game is all in the name. Go head to head with a close friend (and a cold drink) and take the lead of the old jingle - "Go for it, Connect 4!"
  • HedBanz
    It's a classic case of missing identity for the one holding the card. Ask relevant yes or no questions of your friends to uncover the mystery on your forehead.
  • Jenga
    Stack 'em without crashing 'em. That's the secret to Jenga, a strategic game where the winner defies the laws of gravity. This game is even more entertaining with a few drinks in hand.
  • Monopoly
    Forget about Toronto's sky high home prices; this is your opportunity to own the whole block. Open up the fan favourite game of Monopoly and become the real estate tycoons.
  • Pictionary
    It doesn't matter if you're a professional or amateur artist; Pictionary is a game for everyone. Jot down your clever, silly, or sloppy drawings to help your team win it all!
  • Scattergories
    This is a game where unorthodox and creative thinking pays off. Match your answers with the categories on your cards before time runs out. The group with the most answers, wins!
  • Taboo
    This is a guessing game where the goal is to guess the secret word using clues provided by your team leader. Guess as many words as you can before the clock runs out and become Taboo champions!
  • Wits & Wagers
    Drinks make you wittier; then you're in a perfect place to play Wits & Wagers. Combining the best of exceptional trivia with exciting gambling, you can win high stakes with this game!
  • Yahtzee
    How many rolls does it take for you to win at Yahtzee? Compete with a friend over some cold drinks and navigate between a lucky streak and skillful manoeuvres to get Yahtzee!

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